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Business concept
We are a metal processing team with more than 30 years of industry. We have the processing experience in aspherical metal processing, high-precision turning and milling combined machining, thin metal/photoelectric mold precision machining, nozzle machining, precision spindle grinding, reducer servo motor parts , car / bicycle / locomotive parts processing, aerospace parts processing ... and so on.
Global trade is distributed in the United States, Japan, South Korea, and Europe.
In order to improve work efficiency and capacity to meet customer needs, we applied automation equipment manipulators and zero clamping systems for several years, and later developed our own products through research and development.
The R&D process was improved several time. We put our product on our mass production line to test, made several revisions and adjustment before the sale was launched.
The aim is to enhance the global competitiveness of processing industry and allow more processors to apply the zero clamping system on the production line, which is not absent from the current trend of global industry 4.0 reform.

Engineering Techniques..

Milling Area / 24 Hour Automated Production Line / CNC Lathe 24 Hour Automated Production Line / Air Conditioned /Precision Grinding Production Line

To increase production efficiency we has introduced fully automatic production equipment to achieve high precision and high stability work requirements. To stabilize processing quality, ensure product precision, and improve work efficiency, we has actively introduced automated production equipment.
We also has traditional lathe, milling machine, broaching, external grinder, internal grinder, flat grinder, discharger, internal and external groover, and other precision part processing lines. CNC precision grinder can conduct various grinding processing.

Inspection Capability..

100% inspection is a basic commitment to customers.
Implement QC online.
Products must pass strict quality control before they can enter the packaging line. Before packaging, a final shipping product inspection must be conducted.
Keep Upgrade and Make Good Quality
Precision production and strict quality control . We have comprehensive test equipment, including roundness machine, 2D projector, 3D test machine, surface roughness tester, concentricity gauge, electronic height gauge, hardness tester, various external and internal measuring devices, and precision laser diameter measuring instrument (accuracy of 0.0001 mm).




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No. 66, Ln. 271, Liancun Rd., Fengyuan Dist., Taichung, Taiwan 420

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