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(Copy)-Air Automatic type sawaing machine

It is an appropriate machine model for think, middle and thin hollow tubes, and solid tubes.  This model is driven by two-set gears, with great torque force, suitable for heavy-duty cutting.  The largest pipe diameter can reach 1200, and the square pipe can achivev 100x 100 mm.  It is available for the furniture industry, sports equipment, sheet metal factories and machine factories.


1.Two-way tongs, without bur when sawing, without powder and dust, with high accuracy.

2.Available sawing angles:Left:90∘degrees to 0∘degree; right: 90∘degrees to 45∘

3.The front setting water box design f the cooling system is convenient and easy to clean up.

4.Iron chippings are treated together, convenient and clean.


C-370 -3A features of automatic tongs, automatic saw feeding and withdrawing, feed, and positioning

  1. Using the PLC , control buttons are located together, allowing for simple operation, agile, easy to maintain.

  2. Uniquely designed, most suited for floating feed system, accurate and rapid feeding does not damage work piece surfaces.

  3. Equipped with digital display for easy cutting length adjustment, quick and accurate.

  4. The tong’s pressure is adjustable at will, ensuring that the tubes will not deform and be damaged.

  5. Equipped with electronic-type saw blade protection device , the machine will stop automatically after the saw blade is blunt.

  6. Equipped with the counting device that can set the amount and the function of machine stopping

  7. The automatic non-material machine stopping device

  8. Iron chippings are treated together, convenient and clean.


Model C-370-3A
Head rotation angle 90°
Sawing capacity Area:mm -Solide bar 75
Sawing capacity Area:mm -Round tube 120
Sawing capacity Area:mm -Angle steel 115x115
Sawing capacity Area:mm -Square tube 115x115
Sawing capacity Area:mm -Trough-shaped steel 115x115
Sawing capacity Area:mm -Rectangular steel 125x100
Cutting Motor A: 3HP/2HP-2/4P
B: 2HP/1.4HP-4/8P
C: 3HP/2HP/ 2/4P
Cutting Speed A: 58/29 rpm
B: 29/15 rpm
C: 50/100 rmp
Cooling Pump Power 1/8HP
Required air pressure 4 - 6 kgs/cm²
Used Circular Saw Blade HSS BLADE 外徑275/370mm
Feeding Length 3-700mm(standard) but can be prolonged 2100mm and also can be feed 3 times (just for  3A models)
Dimensions(mm) L 1,000 x W 2,150 x H 1,700
Machine Weight 720 kgs
Standrad Attachments Standard Accessories: A high-speed steel saw blade, a ruler ( not applicable for 3A), a bottle of cutting oil, a set of tools and a set of clamping apparaus.

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