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Linear motor
Ironcore Linear Motor

Iron Core Linear Motor


dot Iron core linear motors are best suited for applications involving high-acceleration, -velocity and -load point-to-point linear motions.
dot High Force Density
The iron core linear motors feature high force output through strong magnetic coupling between the iron core and the stator magnets.
dot Easy Heat Dissipation
The iron core itself helps transfer the heat generated in the coils during operation, thereby facilitating heat dissipation to the ambient.
dot Easy Assembly
The iron core linear motors can be readily assembled, with the forcer and the stator directly facing each other.
dot Features

As motor parameters, force constant stands for the amount of force produced per ampere of current and motor constant the amount of force produced per watt. The latter, an indication of the motor efficiency, is a better measure of motor performance than the former. Designed with the aid of professional simulation software, cpc linear motors are optimized to achieve higher motor constants at given physical dimensions.
dot Low Cogging Force

Cogging force originates from the variation in magnetic pull on the iron core as the core passes through different magnetic poles on the stator. With skewed magnets the transition zone characteristics between poles can be modified to reduce the magnetic pull variability as well as the associated cogging force. Using high-accuracy magnetism analysis software tools, cpc has optimized the iron core shape and the magnet skew angle to achieve low cogging force designs.
dot Heat Dissipation Casing
The forcer's high-surface-area aluminum casing helps facilitate heat dissipation for the motor.
dot Built-in Hall Sensor and Over-Temperature Switch
cpc's motor forcer fully utilizes its internal volume, integrating hall sensors and an over temperature
detection switch for the user, hence the user does not having to purchase or install them as optional extras.


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